moyen moineault
Original Gr@phic Art above, from Joseph Deneault ~ Please, don't print.

Let's say the above designs are 3 Ovum in their Mom's uterus, alone, in pair or together.
They're in the first week of their embryo stage: after eating their Champion Snake, but before implanting into Mom. 

  I call them in French my Moyen-Moineault : Average Sparrows.
55+ years ago my Mom frequently called me her Moyen-Moineault.
The above M-M design is part of my freehand signature.

After each meal, her table cleared out, Mom gently bundled  up her napkin.
She brought it outside to her front gallery to spread the crumbs about for her sparrows.
She'd then come in to observe them from inside, often standing on her little bench:
Mom barely made it to the lozenge window in the Front door /her barely 4' 10".

In that same spirit, Ella Wheeler Wilcox
offers the rightful claim of the entire animal kingdom in the following beautiful words:

   I am the voice of the voiceless;
Through me the dumb shall speak,
Till a deaf world's ear
Shall be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak.

   The same force formed the sparrow
That fashioned man the King.
The God of the Whole
Gave a spark of soul
To furred and feathered thing.

   And I am my brother's keeper;
And I will fight his fight,
And speak the word
For beast and bird
Till the world 
Shall set things right.


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